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Receive 10% off of complete job at time of inspection!

Annual Pump Maintenance

Enroll in our annual maintenance program now! Inspections will be performed from October through February annually!!

Domestic &
  • Obtained Water Levels

  • Inspect Electrical

    • Capacitors​

    • Pressure Switch

    • Control Box 

  • Inspect Plumbing 

    • Valves​

    • Air Changing System

  • Inspect Motor Wear

  • Inspect Tank 

  • Check AMPS

  • Optional Test For Potability 

Variable Drive -VFD'S
  • Inspect Fans

  • Clean/Replace Filters

  • Blow Out

    • Cabinets/ Heat Sinks​

  • Inspect Connections

  • Inspect Thermostats

  • Programming

  • Fan Relays

  • Inspect Displays

Non Clog
  • Check Oil

  • Inspect Discharge

  • Check AMPS

  • Grease Motors

  • Inspect Motor

  • Inspect Floats

  • Inspect Check Valve

  • Time Cycling 

  • Inspect Motor Controls

  • Service Pump and Motor

  • Obtain Water Levels

  • Inspect Discharge

  • Inspect Tube and Shaft

  • Inspect Motor Fans

  • Check Oil Levels on Pump and Motor

  • Grease Motors

  • Inspect Motor Controls

  • Adjust Auto Oiler

Maximize the longevity of your pump!

Regular service and maintenance will prevent premature failure of your system and save money down the road! 

Contact us today to see how we can help you!

(209) 667-5454

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